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19 Mart 2010 Cuma

Russian DJ Girls

Incredibly hot, stylish, energetic and unbeatable… These girls can definitely put the dance floor on fire. Check out 36 most beautiful and hot dj's from Russia after the jump.

Sexy Russian style of Fishing

Today let's watch something different from the normal celebrity hush hush. Today lets take a glance at the sexy russian bikini style of catching fish. If only we Indians could do the same, we could have had enough fish for the export industry. Lolz, the fishes also understand the language of bikinis.

sexy russian singer Sasha Savelieva bikini pics photos

sexy russian singer and fashion model Sasha Savelieva in bikini pics

hot tennis chicks hot tennis ladies photos

Ana Ivanovic

Serbian is one of the most beautiful tennis chicks in the game i really like ana,not just that shes beautiful but shes a great tennis player.Hope she win the next grand slam tournament the french
Slovakian cutie pie, Daniela Hantuchova
Serena Williams is currently the top-ranked Tennis player among all the American players. Serena is a former World N1 female player. She won her first tournament at age of 4

Maria Sharapova is one of the sexiest Russian girls of all time in the sport of Tennis
Anna Kournikova in bikini

Anna Kournikova Russian tennis girl.
Anna is a pretty girl and was a very good at tennis which she shouldn’t have given up. But she thinks she get on her beauty. But it would nice to see on the court

Miss Russia 2003 Victoria Lopyreva photos

Victoria Lopyreva was Miss Russia in 2003 a TV star, the most attractive TV hostess at the planet, a top model,

Hot And Sexy Russian Girl Maira Pictures

Sexy Hot Russian Women - Anna Semenovich

Sexy Hot Russian Women - Anna Semenovich


So I wanted to start this blog with an extremely sexy Russian girl that you may not know by name. I wouldn’t worry, there will be plenty of Russian celebs that you’ll know, but I wanted to start a little bit differently. Anna Semenovich (such an unfortunate last name) did not get her start in modeling or anything that made money off of her looks. It was her athletic abilities that got her noticed. Originally, she was an Olympic ice dancer. She competed from 1995-1999. Only after that did she begin her career as a model and actress.

I really like this picture because it shows exactly why Russian women are so incredibly sexy. Also, it’s rare that in one picture, you’re able to see both sides of the woman. This redheaded Russian is also being a little bit cheeky in this picture. The expression on her face is as if you walked in on her changing. Now, at this point, the story of the picture could turn hot and steamy. You could surprise her and then she could surprise you (hehe). So this girl is absolutely gorgeous. She is thin and fit, but she definitely has that hourglass figure that I absolutely adore. She has the washboard abs, but she also has large and firm breasts. I mean this is what I love about Russian women. They are not sticks like some Asian women. When you are with them sexually, they look amazing, but there are definitely some handles to hold onto.